Thinking this would be a great event for a group?
Interested in raising money for a  charity or fundraiser?

A Spirit Message Circle or Gallery is the opportunity for you to witness the power of Evidential Mediumship within a group setting for friends or to raise money for a charity or fundraiser.

Evidence about your loved one from the spirit world will be brought forward along with messages they may have for you. These messages facilitate an amazing amount of healing, clarity, peace and proof of existence after death. Messages will be given to random audience members. Please try to keep an open mind; try not to fixate on only one person that you’d like to hear from.


To far to travel?
Are you from another state or across oceans?

You are not excluded from this offer! Message circles are done via Zoom online, how convenient!!  



What happens during a Message Circle or Gallery?

Wjhen receiving from the spirit world, al messages will be evidential information about the spirit who is visiting. Multiple spirits may come through for different  people in the audience.  Mediumship can be a wonderful thing.  It gives people comfort and knowledge that the existence of the human soul is continuous beyond death. They may feel as if they just received a phone call from heaven.

During a Gallery Event, I will communicate  as many messages as time allows. Attending this type of event does not guarantee you a reading but always understand that your loved ones are forever with you.

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